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KeyNet Technologies 2023 Homepage screenshot
Project Type: Small Business Project
Design Partner: Corey Tiani
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KeyNet Technologies was looking for a full website redesign to refocus their message with a modern, effective website that stood apart from the competition. Corey Tiani of Pointpixl crushed the designs leading to a sleek, modern and eye-catching website that is blazing fast.

Project Highlights


Build (blue), Support (green), Defend (grey) is used consistently throughout the site to ensure users are aware what information they are currently focused on. This approach leads to a simpler UI for the end user, consistent branding and an overall uniformity to the site.

KeyNet build support defend graphic screenshot
KeyNet Testimonials screenshot

Focus on Testimonials

Word of mouth is the best form of advertising and with such an amazing reputation it was important to bring testimonials to the forefront. A variety of testimonials layouts were created and intertwined throughout the design to ensure they are front-and-center throughout a user’s visit to the site.

Unique Custom “Blocky” Graphics

KeyNet wanted to step away from the normal stock photography used in other related-industry websites so custom “blocky” graphics were created for all service lines to create a very unique and modern, but consistent user experience.

Screenshot of KeyNet "block" graphics
KeyNet resources screenshot

Reorganized Resource Library

To better serve visitors a completely reorganized resource library has been created to separate resources into “Guides”, “Infographics” and “Webinars”making it easy for users to take advantage of the free resources KeyNet provides while also acting as a lead magnet.

Before & After


KeyNet Technologies old homepage screenshot


KeyNet Technologies 2023 Homepage screenshot

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