Performance Optimization

The goal of the performance package is to produce tangible performance improvements with a focus on CWV (Core Web Vitals). The package described below will help to (sometimes dramatically) improve your performance ratings. Improved performance means lowering bounce rates, longer page views and higher search engine rankings.

Performance Optimization Options

The goal of performance optimization to is make your site run as fast as possible while focusing on CWV (Core Web Vitals). CWV are becoming a major ranking factor, so by increasing your CWV scores your website should, in theory, rank better in search results. Additionally, research has shown that as pages load faster, bounce rates tend to drop. That means, if your site is faster, visitors tend to stick around longer.

Curious what’s included in Performance Optimization? Check out the “Performance Optimization” section on the WD Site Care option on my website care and maintenance page.

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One-Time Optimization

One-time performance optimization will help get your site tuned-in for optimal CWV (Google Core Web Vitals) scoring. While there will be an improvement, there are no guarantees with how high I can get the performance scores as there will be things out of my control (underlying code, hosting environment, etc…). I am happy to provide a brief audit prior to the project to give you expectations and a formal price for the project.

Cost: $499-1999

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Ongoing (Website Care)

Ongoing performance optimization is included with all of my website care and maintenance plans. There is a one-time setup fee which is waived for WD Site Care Pro customers and for any new website projects. Ongoing performance optimization includes covering the cost of all performance related plugin licenses, continuous monitoring for improvement opportunities and optimization of any new pages/features upon request.

Cost: Included with website care plans

Performance Optimization Frequently Asked Questions

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