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Check out some of my recent projects. If you are looking for additional project let me know! I do a lot of white label work and those projects aren't included here
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Camille Styles website screenshot

Camille Styles

Camille Styles' website was dated and due for an overhaul. This content-focused site needed special care due to high-traffic and high-frequency posting. Data migrations and block migrations made the back end tricky, but with some time and effort the end product is a lightning fast, responsive, modern website.
Project Type: Blog, Food Blog
Design Partner: Corey Tiani
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QSR Project screenshot


This massive migrations and redesign brought the dates QSR Magazine website to live with warm colors and a user friendly UI. A variety of custom post types, custom display options and optimized blocks make this site easy for the end user to edit and lightning fast.
Project Type: Blog
Design Partner: Corey Tiani
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Screenshot of JDA TSG Accounting home page

JDA TSG Accounting

Aloide was looking for quick turnaround on a clean, simple microsite and that is exactly what I delivered! This wonderfully put together, simple site features a variety of pricing grids, custom icons and a simple, user-friendly flow.
Project Type: Agency Project
Design Partner: Aloide
Agency Partner: Aloide
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TRN project screenshot

TRN – The Renaissance Network

TRN was looking for a complete overhaul and revamp of their dated website. With the help of Corey Tiani, the site is now modern with a optimized user experience that drives traffic to the main goals of the TRN team.
Project Type: Small Business Project
Design Partner: Corey Tiani
Visit TRN – The Renaissance Network Website
WhoAPI home page screenshot


Goran approached me to rebuild their site after their recently built site wasn't passing performance metrics. A complete rebuild has the site soaring. It is now passing all Core Web Vitals and has near perfect scores on all performance tests and is noticeably faster. Not only that, but it is much easier to manager and edit.
Project Type: Small Business Project
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BigScoots Homepage Screenshot


BigScoots was looking to update their site with a modern design and bring it into WordPress. This custom build brought their designs to life with slick animations, great iconography and blazing fast speed.
Project Type: Agency Project
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