Affiliate Program Guidelines


Our affiliate program is very simple. We offer you the opportunity to market our themes and services to your audience and in compensation we offer a one-time 25% commission on any sales you provide. This includes theme sales, hosting and maintenance packages. After approval, you will have access to an “Affiliate Area” where you can track your sales, traffic, download creatives and get your referral links. Please review the guidelines below thoroughly so you are fully aware of all restrictions.

Application and Approval

After you complete the registration form you’re account will be ‘pending review’. We will take a look at how you plan to promote our products and determine if you are eligible. Nine times out of ten there will be no issues and you will be approved. If for any reason we decide to deny your approval, we will inform you.

Common reasons for denial would include black hat SEO tactics, spam websites, inappropriate websites and scraper sites. Outside of those restrictions, it is likely you will be approved.

Social Media Restrictions

Out of respect for StudioPress & Copyblogger we require affiliates to adhere to a variety of social media related policies when promoting. Below are their policies with regards to Twitter #GenesisWP as well as Pinterest:

“While we encourage our Affiliates to engage and participate in StudioPress-related discussions using the Twitter hashtag #GenesisWP, spam links that include an obscured affiliate link are prohibited.”

“While we encourage you to pin our content to your boards, undisclosed affiliate links on StudioPress-related Pinterest pins are strictly prohibited.”

Failure to comply with either of these policies will result in removal from our affiliate program and you will forfeit any pending affiliate commissions.

Purchasing Products using your own Affiliate Links

It is prohibited to purchase any theme, hosting or maintenance package using your own affiliate link. If we discover this, you will have your affiliate status revoked immediately and you will forfeit any pending affiliate commissions.

Logo & Creative Use

We will provide a variety of creative media that can be downloaded directly from your affiliate account. You are prohibited from using any media that has not been approved or downloaded directly from your affiliate area. If you have creative that you have created that you would like to use please contact us for approval prior to use.

Issuing 1099

By law, we are required to issue 1099 forms to any US citizen who earns more than $600 in a single year. If you reach this level we will contact you for the appropriate information to complete the 1099. We will hold the commission payment that will put you over $600 until this information is received.