Theme FAQ

Do theme purchases include lifetime updates and support, or will I need to purchase a license?

Each theme includes one-year of updates and support. This includes unlimited downloads, access to any theme updates and/or bug fixes, and direct support through our support channel. We will send you an email prior to the end of the first year with an option to purchase an extended license for $39/year. If you choose to purchase that, you will be charged annually and continue to receive any updates as well as full support.

What if I purchased multiple themes?

Each theme will require it’s own extended license after the initial year, but shoot me an email and I’d be happy to work with you on discounted pricing for multiple extended licenses.

What happens if I don’t extend the support license?

Your site will continue to function as normal, but you will lose access to updates and support.

I uploaded my theme, why doesn’t it look like the demo?

The demo shows what your site could look like using the template provided. We give you the tools, you create the site! There are detailed directions in the theme documentation that comes with your purchase explaining each aspect of the site including video tutorials guiding you through the process of setting up your site.

Are the images in the demo included in the theme?

While the images themselves are not included with the theme, all images in the demo are from unsplash which is a high-quality resource for free photography. So, you are welcome to hop over to unsplash and track down the same images in the demo and use at no cost.

Can I use the theme on more than one site?

Your purchase allows you to install the theme on as many sites as you’d like. You’d just need to purchase an extended license to continue to receive support and updates after the first year.

Do you offer refunds for theme purchases?

Due to the nature of digital downloads being irretrievable we do not offer refunds on theme purchases outside of extenuating circumstances. If you feel as though a refund is warranted please contact us with your explanation and we will do everything we can to work with you to resolve the issue.

Can you help me set up my theme?

While theme setup is not in the scope of theme support we would be happy to provide a quote to setup your theme for you. Simply reach out after purchase and we’ll work with you directly to ensure you get what you need.

Will you help me customize my theme?

Sure. Simply contact us with your needs and we’ll provide a quote for the customization. One of the benefits that comes with doing custom work directly through Whiteley Designs is we built the theme so we are able to perform any additional custom work very quickly and efficiently.

What is ACF PRO and why do you include it in your themes?

Advanced Custom Fields PRO (ACF PRO) is a developer plugin that allows for simple and complete control of custom fields for all aspects of your site. Simply put, it allows me to give you full control over complex parts of your website without the need for code. Additionally, it allows me to create a page builder that is catered specifically to each theme’s needs that allows for dynamic, custom pages without the need for coding or development.

Why isn’t ACF showing up in my plugins?

Per the terms of distributing ACF I am only permitted to provide ACF within the theme files. Additionally, I am not permitted to provide my developer license key along with the plugin files. I strongly suggest purchasing your own copy of ACF PRO so you can continue to receive updates. If you choose to purchase your own license for ACF you can contact me and I will remove ACF from the theme and set it up as a normal plugin at no cost.